Concrete evidence of the University City Shake Shack

Outside the Shake Shack on Drexel's campus at 32d and Chestnut Streets in University City. (Jonathan Tannenwald/

Friday, Oct. 11 will mark the opening of the University City branch of Shake Shack, at 32d and Chestnut Streets on Drexel's campus.

Thanks to my alert colleague and Shake Shack aficionado Jonathan Tannenwald - who strolled in during training over the weekend - we now know this location's variety of "concretes," the chain's signature frozen desserts.

Shake Shacks traditionally partner with local companies, and Federal Donuts and Termini Bros. are supplying concrete ingredients, as they do at the 20th and Sansom Street location.

The "Declaration of Donuts" concrete has vanilla custard, essence of a Federal Donuts French toast fancy doughnut, and banana

The "Study Buddy" includes chocolate custard, chocolate toffee, caramel sauce and coffee beans from Joe Coffee, another New York City export that also has a location next door

The "Liberty Shell" (also available at the 20th and Sansom Street location) is vanilla custard, Termini Bros. cannoli shell, strawberry puree and lemon ricotta. Five percent of sales support the beautification of Schuylkill Banks.

Menu is here.

Shake Shack's King of Prussia location - on Mall Boulevard - is due to open around Oct. 20.