Concept change-up at 10 Arts

10 Arts, as viewed from above. The bar, at top, remains. But seating will now be confined to the carpeted and marble areas - not beyond the columns, as previously.

Three months post-Eric Ripert, chef Nathan Volz and the 10 Arts crew at the Ritz-Carlton are making moves.

They will announce on Monday that 10 Arts' menu and its seating will be tightened up.

The "restaurant" - as 10 Arts defines the swanker, carpeted area behind the Ionic columns on the Chestnut Street side - will now be used for breakfast and private parties.

Lunch, dinner and late-night dining will be focused on the lounge - the area closer to the bar.

There will be one, smaller menu, not two.

Volz will still use locally sourced ingredients, but small and medium plates will predominate, opposed to larger entrees. (In fact, there are only four entrees: trout, a cheeseburger, dry-aged New York strip, and roasted chicken.)

Favorites such as the warm soft pretzels will remain.