Con Murphy's menu watch

Tir na Nog founders Maurice Collins and Liam Kelly are looking at Oct. 4-ish to break open the taps at Con Murphy's, a dark and handsome Irish pub in the quirky, tri-level space that formerly housed Peacock on the Parkway and Kujaku in the Windsor, at the corner of 17th Street and the Parkway.

Chef Todd H. Butler, German-born and Norfolk, Va.-raised, has worked all over California in a variety of culinary styles.

Chef Todd Butler, out of his Irish element.

The interior, which like many Irish taverns is being built in Ireland and shipped here, is not quite in photo shape.

But we can check out Butler's menus. His all-day menu ranges from $10 sandwiches to entrees mostly in the mid-teens. Menu is not pure Irish. (Can't remember the last brick-pressed pork-belly Cubano I've seen washed down by Guinness.)  A $10, eight-ounce burger. Two steak sandwiches (one with .. um.. horseradish mayo and Gruyere and the other a "skinny" version with caramelized shiitake mushrooms and other veggies plus cheese).

That dessert known as "The Mini Bar of Little Desserts" -- caramel tart, red velvet cupcake, chocolate-chip cookies, lemon meringue pie, cute banana split, blueberry water ice -- looks intriguing.

Brunch menu, served Saturdays and Sundays, includes a brandade sandwich (salt cod) along with usual brunch favorites.