Cichonski opening bar in Old City

Chef Jason Cichonski with his girlfriend, Tara Kulesza.

Ela is running like a top at Third and Bainbridge Streets in Queen Village, and so chef-owner Jason Cichonski is branching out to open his second place.

He is taking over Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant at 120 Market St. in Old City.

Its last night will be Saturday, Jan. 18.

A couple weeks later, Cichonski and partner Charlie McMaster (a current PBR co-owner) will open as The Gaslight.

This will be what Cichonski tells me will be a "relatively neighborhood-friendly bar."

Among its key features will be brunch served all day, including at dinnertime Sunday to catch the late-risers like Cichonski.

They've retained the services of Tim O'Brien, bar manager of the erstwhile Alfa on Walnut Street, to run the bar program and front of the house.

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