Changeover at Fathom

Fathom Seafood House, which chefs Mike Stollenwerk and Rob Holloway opened early in 2011 at Girard Avenue and Shackamaxon Street in Fishtown, is undergoing a transformation as Stollenwerk sells his share to Holloway.

Stollenwerk is putting all his eggs in one basket as he builds a larger Fish restaurant at 13th and Locust Streets. He's keeping Fish running at 17th and Lombard Streets until the new spot is ready. Stollenwerk recently sold his interest in Little Fish to sous chef Chadd Jenkins.

Anyway... The Bar Previously Known as Fathom is remaining open as the liquor license is transferred. Holloway tells me that a new name is in the works, as well as a change in concept. "More of a gastropub for the neighborhood," he said. "We'll still do great seafood and oysters."

Holloway was sous chef at Fish, and worked at Little Fish, The Latest Dish, and Penne.