Carter & Sanborn are back

Carter & Sanborn, a popular morning-drive duo on Power 99 and WDAS, are back on WDAS (105.3) this week, filling in for the vacationing Michael Baisden from 3 to 7 p.m.

Baisden will be back Monday.

Brian Carter and Dave Sanborn did mornings on Power 99, before they were let go in 1999. In  2004, they came back to Clear Channel brought them back for a year, to WDAS, starting in late 2004.

Carter has been at XM Satellite Radio, while Sanborn (Bill Simpson), who later was heard on the old smooth-jazz WJJZ, is now a holistic health practitioner.

The show sounds like old times, right down to Loraine Ballard Morrill doing the news.