A comeback for Ron's Ribs?

Ron Washington, in a Ron's T-shirt, gnawing a rib at his South Street shop in 2000. (Yong Kim / Staff Photographer)

Ron Washington's death in 2002 - far too young at age 60 - left a hole in the city's barbecue scene.

Now his son Brandon, 25 - who spent his entire childhood at his father's side at Ron's Ribs at 1627 South St. - wants to revive the landmark, which Ron opened in 1984. (Ron's brother Kevin ran the shop from 2003 to 2010.)

While Brandon tries to line up an investor or to sell Ron's Ribs to local bars and restaurants, he's at least keeping the Ron's brand out there.

"I was wearing a Ron's shirt, and people would stop me and say, 'What's up with Ron's?'" Brandon said. It came to a point where he was tired of answering that it was closed.

Brandon is now selling Ron's shirts on the fundraising site Bonfirefunds.