Buy a piece of a classic bakery


Few of us probably need a carbon steel silo or a Sutorbilt rotary positive blower, but we might use a baker's rack or two or some bread pans, or even a time clock or fax machine or bug zapper.

Comly Auctioneers is selling off the contents of D'Ambrosio Bakery in Grays Ferry, which was abruptly shut down in January after nearly 75 years of baking kaiser and steak rolls. The family had sold it to a leveraged-buyout specialist several years before.

You can visit the bakery at 31st and Reed Streets to view the equipment, but Comly is conducting the auction online here.

Deadline is 1 p.m. May 1, unless you want to buy it all - in which case the opening bid is $200,000 and the auction ends at noon.