British pub coming to Old City

British Chip Shop in Haddonfield.

The British are coming! The British are going!

There's a small English revolution going on in Old City.

The Dark Horse on Head House Square - the premier destination for football on the telly and a popular hang among English expats and tourists - is gradually ceding to the operators of Cavanaugh's. (I say gradually because this transfer has to pass muster with the LCB.)

I can tell you that a new English pub is on the way nearby - taking the building where Swanky Bubbles last was, at 10 S. Front St.

Edward Strojan (a vet of Tria) and partner Perry Golia, who own the English Gardener gift shop in Haddonfield and the British Chip Shop across Kings Highway, are fixing up The Victoria Freehouse - a pub - and they hope to open in March. (They also want to open a British-theme gift shop in the neighborhood.) A recent trip to London cinched them on the overall location, which is 12 minutes from their other shops.

Photo: Google Maps