Kissin' time! Bobby Rydell gets married

Bobby Rydell got married Saturday night to Linda Hoffman -- but it's not the Linda Hoffman who's the president of the Bobby Rydell fan club, as I erroneously blogged Tuesday night.

Yes. There are two Linda Hoffmans. They know each other. For a while when they lived in Montgomery County, they had the same dentist, family doctor, hair dresser and jeweler.


The Linda Hoffman who is the new Mrs. Rydell, 55, is a cardiac sonographer who met him in October 2007, said the "other" Linda Hoffman, who's the president of his fan club. Linda Ferrino Hoffman, the fan club president (who's known as Linda #1), has been married for 38 years to Jake Hoffman and lives in Margate.

The Rydell's wife, Camille, died of cancer in 2003. His mother, Jennie, died on Jan. 7.

Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review Journal provides details about the wedding.