Blogger-inspired dishes on menu at The Industry


Pat Szoke, chef at The Industry in Pennsport, decided to turn the tables on food writers and bloggers.

Seeking ideas for new dishes, Szoke asked each writer for his or her favorite foods, flavors and ingredients. The results will be offered in batches of three for a week.

Last month, Pat asked me for an idea, and I replied: "It would be a riff on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – bread, peanut butter, some other savory element and some sweet element (not jelly)." He thought about it and shot back, "Hazelnut foie butter and a huckleberry jam sandwich."

(Sigh. Chefs and their foie.)

I replied that I'm allergic to most nuts, hazelnuts included. How about cashews, which I can handle?

Pat's dish is a "Grown-Up PB&J," with seared foie gras, cashew butter and huckleberry jam served on toasted Brioche bread.

I had to miss the tasting event last week, so I have no idea how foie and cashew butter work when slathered with huckleberry jam. (You'll let me know?)

Here is the lineup at The Industry:


On the first week, starting March 18, you will see:

• Art Etchells, founder of Foobooz: Potato Skins, baked with beer-and-cheddar cheese sauce, bacon bits, house-made bacon powder and crème fraiche;

• Michael Klein,’s The Insider: the  "Grown-up PB&J," with seared foie gras, cashew butter and huckleberry jam served on toasted Brioche bread;

• Caroline Russock, editor of Meal Ticket: Parisian Gnocchi with duck sausage and kimchi.

 March 25 through March 31:

• Drew Lazor, writer: Spam and Eggs, crispy Spam over garlic fried rice with fried egg, cherry tomato, chive and red onion salad, served with Frank’s Red Hot sauce;

• Danya Henninger, Philadelphia editor of Zagat and Drink Philly: Toad in the Hole, with lump crabmeat, avocado and tomato salad with avocado and feta crema.

April 1 through April 7:

• Adam Erace, City Paper: Kampachi Crudo with jalapeño-pomegranate vinaigrette, pomegranate seeds and shaved radish;

• Collin Flatt, editor of Eater: Braised Pork Cheek with crispy sweetbreads and mache;

• Collin Keefe, editor of Grub Street: Crispy Fried Oysters with smoked paprika-and-garlic aioli and mache.

The dish with the most votes on Facebook will be added to the menu.