Barista 1, Yelper 0

Angela Vendetti (inset) at Mugshots in Fairmount.

Restaurateurs have a love-hate relationship with Yelp, the social-media site.

On the one hand, the comments can be a good thing.

Angela Vendetti, owner of the Mugshots coffee houses, took on a Yelp commenter known as Michael H., and seems to have prevailed.

As she noted on Facebook:

"I respond to Yelp reviews all the time, usually thanking them for the feedback, inviting them back with a gift card, try to make them happy, etc. This one was a fun challenge":

Michael H. wrote:

The music they play is so emo.

It must be because they're so sad.

The other patrons all brought ear buds.

Guess that is just my bad.

The coffee's okay, it's no La Colombe, the one

on Rittenhouse Square.

But this place must be hip

'cos the guy that I tipped

has a beard

and clearly can't care.


My response:

Yelping rhymes, what a tool!

1 star for music selection just ain't cool.

How about a review on our food or coffee?

Cuz it's 10 times better than La Colombe or Saxbys.

So we have a hipster barista working the bar,

Where do you work so we can rate your poetry 1 star?

Working in service is tough as it is,

And then you show up and don't even give us a chance?

A bad review on Yelp, you're a coward at best.

Destroying peoples' livelihoods, instead of a simple request?

We work hard, support the community,

Serve direct trade coffee, use renewable electricity.

A certified B-corp, "what's that?" you say?

It means we practice what we preach, changing the world day by day.

So go back to Rittenhouse and enjoy your over extracted beans.

We're doing fine here on Fairmount, where we just celebrated nine years.

The Yelper removed his review.