Barenaked Ladies appreciate good service

Barenaked Ladies at Susquehanna Bank Center.

Waiters and waitresses... The Barenaked Ladies appreciate good service.

During Wednesday's show in Camden, Ed Robertson said: "I'd like to thank the good people of Cherry Hill for taking such good care of on our day off yesterday. Especially the fine service at McCormick & Schmick's in the mall. Our fine server came back at the end of our meal and said, 'I finally figured out who you are....You look just like the guy from Lost."

Kevin Hearn dedicated a song to "Carl, who showed us a real good time at Chris' Jazz Cafe last night."

Later, Robertson said: "This song is dedicated to the security man right here in the front. I don't know his name but if you rush me [jokingly], he will punch you in the throat because he is a throat puncher."