Burglar was after bread at Sarcone's

Louis Sarcone Jr. says a burglar smashed the glass door at his family's landmark South Philadelphia bakery about 3 a.m. Monday, and after rifling through cash registers, came away empty-handed.

In other words, no dough.

"He threw a brick through the front door, and shattered the glass," Sarcone said. "Then he went for the registers, but we don't keep anything in them. He tried to take the registers, but they are wired up with electric."

All told, the burglar was in and out of Sarcone's, on Ninth Street between Catharine and Fitzwater Streets, in four minutes. The intruder kept his identity hidden beneath a gray hoodie and sunglasses, Sarcone said, adding that he seemed to know the locations of security cameras.

Sarcone's ordinarily would be baking at 3 a.m., but it is the shop's day off. A baker comes in later in the morning to make rolls for commercial accounts. "He obviously did his homework," Sarcone said.

The crook didn't bother to take the $12 taped to the shop's walls.