Arterial Agents, the quirky Jewelers' Row coffee shop, to close

Saturday, Jan. 28 will mark the last day for Arterial Agents, arguably Center City's quirkiest coffee shop, which opened in May 2016 at Seventh and Sansom Streets at the doorstep of Jewelers' Row.

In a note posted to social media, management thanked customers for helping to "create something unique and special, however it simply isn't the right time or place for this project at the moment."

The property is next door to a string of Jewelers' Row buildings destined for the wrecking ball at the hands of Toll Bros.

The tiny shop includes an espresso bar, pastries, high-minded magazines, and groceries.  

As for the name: Partner Nick DeJulius said he's a fan of alliteration. He joined "arterial" (as in, connector/delivery route) with "agents" (representative or broker) because the shop does just that.