Amis crew taking a flying leap

"The Beast of Amis" plunging into the Delaware.

The crew from Amis (412 S. 13th St.) was awarded a skydiving lesson for its second-place finish in the 2012 Red Bull Flugtag - that hilarious Red Bull-sponsored event for which teams create and attempt to fly a homemade airship.

On Monday, Sept. 16, 10 of the Amis-ers will go off in the wild blue yonder with parachutes.

But not chef Brad Spence.

Not that he's chicken. His wife won't let him go because the couple just learned they're expecting another boy.

"The jump from Flugtag was bad enough," said Spence, referring to the team's spectacular wreck in 2013, which Red Bull has deemed the fourth most spectacular Flugtag crash ever. (See video here; "the Beast of Amis" starts at 1:22.)

Spence says he will live-treet the 2 p.m. jump and take photos. There will be an afterparty at the restaurant, during which staff will show a "Beast of Amis" documentary.