A second Ishkabibble's coming to South Street

The future site of Ishkabibble's II at 517 South St.

Ishkabibble's - which has been doling out sandwiches, Spanish fries and lemonade-and-grape-juice drinks called Gremlins at 337 South St. since 1979 - is opening a second location.

Current owner Young Ahn is taking over the ill-starred pizzeria space a block and a half away at 517 South St. this October. He'll call it Ishkabibble's II.

Ahn tells me that it will have an expanded menu and 60-plus seats. The original location seats only nine people on stools amid walls festooned with celeb photos, but most of its business is conducted through a takeout window. 

"We are very excited that we will be able to accommodate large groups of people from out town that we have never been able to in the past," Ahn said.

Ishkabibble's - basically catercorner from Jim's Steaks at Fourth and South - has long contended that it is the originator of the chicken cheesesteak.