A look at CHeU noodle bar

Shawn Darragh and Ben Puchowitz of Matyson - fascinated with noodle and ramen culture - had been working pop-ups.

At 3 p.m. April 1, they will open CHeU Noodle Bar at 255 S. 10th St. in Washington Square West. Daily opening is at 4 p.m.

Most of the seating in this wildly graffitoed storefront is at a counter, where Puchowitz will whio up alkaline noodles and hand-torn (six entrees) as well as vegetable and assorted apps. Prices will range from $6 to $12.

A liquor license - expected as early as later this week - will bring canned beer, sakes and five cocktails.




Broccoli – Vietnamese sausage, peanuts, soy  7

Black Garlic Wings – shishito peppers (4)   8

Eggplant – crispy garlic, herbs, tamarind  7

Buns (choose 2) – burger – mung bean – pork belly  7  

BBQ Rice Cakes – fermented black bean, sesame  7


Pork Belly Ramen – egg, sea beans, greens  12

Duck Pho – foie gras meatballs, turnips, fixin’s  13

Brisket – egg, matzo ball, cabbage, chile broth  13

Lamb Neck – pickled mustard greens, cumin, date 12

Coconut Curry - squash, peanut sambal, herbs  10

Cold Sesame – cucumber, seaweed, cilantro  10


Scrapple  4

Dumplings (3)  3

Garlic Greens  3

Sweet & Sour Cucumber  3

Pickles  3

Kimchi  3