A new cookbook for Vetri

Restaurateur Marc Vetri (center), with business partners Jeff Michaud (left) and Jeff Benjamin, was recovering from shoulder surgery in January at the Lemon Ball. (REUBEN HARLEY)

Marc Vetri has just put ink to paper to write his third cookbook - a tome devoted to pasta.

The book, which will require a research trip to Italy, will cover artisan makers, factories, doughs, flavoring, shapes, stuffings, combiinations.

"It will be the pasta book to end all pasta books," Vetri said, before a long pause. "I hope."

MS is due a year from now, with a March 2015 pub date.

In other Vetri news:

The chef and business partners Jeff Benjamin and chef Jeff Michaud will serve mortadella hot dogs with spicy pickles and cabbage relish to the folks at the Lexus Club at the Wells Fargo Center during the Sixers-Nets game on Monday, March 11. The Vetri Foundation for Children will be honored at the beginning of halftime as the Sixers' Hometown Hero for March.