Vetri moves up opening of Amìs

Pencil in Jan. 14 now for the opening date of Amìs, Marc Vetri's Roman trattoria at 13th and Waverly Streets, which I've been telling you about since last summer.

Here's a rundown from last week, as construction wound down.

Vetri has generously sprung the opening menu on me, so here it is. (Chef Brad Spence, from Vetri, will be cooking.)

Per-person tabs are destined in the $40s.

Note the earthiness of it all: housemade salumi; crispy sweetbreads with fennel marmalade; fried lambs tongue; potato frittata; tonnarelli “cacio e pepe” with pecorino and black pepper; bucatini alla “gricia” with pork belly, chili flake and pecorino; gnocchi alla romana with oxtail ragu; guinea hen leg saltimbocca with prosciutto and sage; roast lamb shoulder and potato; turkey cutlet alla Milanese; grilled tuna steak; and desserts including warm Belgian-style waffles with Nutella and semifreddo.

So much for your New Year's resolution to skip carbs.