401 Diner shuts down temporarily

Here's a cautionary tale to any restaurateur who opens before he is truly ready:

The 401 Diner in Conshohocken, which opened earlier this week, has closed temporarily so owners can address numerous issues.

In a statement, Tom Richter, Peter Richter, and chef Michael Cappon, the crew at Conshohocken's Isabella, wrote: "The kitchen was not able to produce the food at the high level of quality that the owners demand. They are restaffing, retraining and will reopen with a product that will meet the standards their customers expect."

See photos here.

Update (9/26/11): The 401 is due to open Saturday (10/1) for breakfast. In addition to staffing changes, the owners have streamlined the menu. Select breakfast options will be served all day (rather than the full breakfast menu) and two healthier entree choices, Garden Veggie Pasta and Grilled Herb Chicken, have been added.