John Mims' Creole stylings returning to Narberth

From 2005: John Mims in the Narberth location of Carmine's Creole Cafe

John Mims is a man on the move again.

The Creole chef/restaurateur, now in Phoenixville, is returning to one of his old locations, at 232 Woodbine Ave. in Narberth, most recently Aperto and previously Gemelli.

Mims says he's set an April 5 opening date for Carmine's Creole Cafe.

On April 4, he and a partner, Dominic Gammaro, will open Dominic’s Restaurant Italiano, a pasta house decorated like an old church, where his Daddy Mims was, at 150 Bridge St. in Phoenixville. Mims also has been helping to run the nearby Columbia Hotel, but he said he was devoting his energies to the Narberth location.

Mims first made the scene in 1999 in a little storefront in Havertown before relocating to Narberth in 2004. In 2006, he moved it to Bryn Mawr. In 2009, he moved to Phoenixville. In the meantime, he and a partner opened Les Bons Temps in Center CIty and, briefly, Mims Food + Drink in Wayne. Both of those arrangements ended in court.