A taco truck for the Main Line


Nick Farina, chef-owner of Bryn Mawr's Verdad, is giving away margaritas (OK, one per customer) on Friday, Feb. 22. It's National Margarita Day, or something like that.

The big news out of Verdad is that Farina is working with the crowd-funding outfit Lucky Ant to raise $8,000 for the purchase and outfitting of a roving taco truck, which Farina wants to get on the streets of the Main Line in the fall.

Like Kickstarter, Lucky Ant sets up a social media/grass-roots approach to small-business capital-raising. Those who contribute to Farina's cause by March 19 can buy naming rights for custom-designed tacos, which comes with free unlimited tacos for a month; use of the truck for private events; a Villanova graduation feast for up to eight guests; a Cinco de Mayo celebration complete with a DJ and piñatas at your home or office; tickets to Verdad’s "Tequila University"; discounts on food; gift certificates; and free tacos for life. 

Lucky Ant - founded by Penn grads - raised $8,500 for equipment and materials necessary to finish ReAnimator Coffee’s new Fishtown roasting facility; raised $7,000 for Media-based Rockdale Music Studio; and just raised $10,000 for Hot Diggity’s forthcoming hot dog truck.

See Farina's video here.