Five (not) bizarre questions for Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern appears at the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival:

THURSDAY JULY 26: 8-11pm Pool Side Launch Party at Harrah’s Resort

FRIDAY JULY 27:  8-9 p.m., book signing at Circus Maximus Theater

SATURDAY JULY 28: 10 a.m.-noon Bizarre Brunch with Andrew Zimmern at Atlantic Grill at Caesars

1. What's your schedule like? Can you run down the month of July for us?

A. Three or four days off. I shot 2 episodes of Bizarre Foods, finished a book of mine, spent 4 days on road doing non-episodic appearances like Watch What Happens Live in NYC, cooked with 4 JBF award winning chefs at a fundraising dinner for the Beard House. Am off to do Live with Kelly and host the Atlantic City Wine and Food Festival this weekend.

2. You'll be hosting the "Bizarre Brunch with Andrew Zimmern" during the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival. What's on the menu?

A. A good brunch, lots of bacon and nothing strange so everyone enjoys themselves.

3. When you're home, how do you eat?

A. My wife is a superb cook, she puts meals on the table half the time I am home. Her shallot chicken is one of our favorite meals, as is her slow rib BBQ with her homemade sauce. We eat very healthily and don’t give our son processed foods.

4. Define "bizarre food." Is it truly bizarre after you've explored it?

A. Bizarre as I use it is an ironic statement. Nothing is bizarre to the people who eat it regularly! I am trying to have people stop acting with ‘contempt prior to investigation’ as Henry James once put it.

5. Since you're 51 with presumably decades to live, do you ever fear you will run out of food experiences worth writing about? (I'll guess "no,"and then ask what you haven't done that you're eager to do.)

A. I am eager to take another hundred trips to China and Russia and Africa. I have been to South America 18 times and haven’t been to several countries yet. I am insanely eager to get back out and explore the world. 50 of our episodes will have been domestic after our 2013 season is finished shooting (out of almost 125 episodes by that point)… that’s a great mix, in America there are a million great stories left untold but I am pretty addicted to falling off the grid. I want to go to visit our troops around the world in the most dangerous places they are serving and see what the intersections of food and culture look like there. And I want to visit our servicemen and women…So maybe someone at the State Dept can call me. I want to go to North Korea, and Iran even more than anywhere. We are working on it.

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