Paesano's vs. Flay: A throwdown!

Peter McAndrews, the sandwich maestro behind Paesano's and Modo Mio, just wrapped a two-day shoot against chef Bobby Flay for a Food Network Throwdown.

The contest was over "beef brisket grinders"; see Rick Nichols' ode to the "Paesano" sandwich here.

Cameras taped Monday at the Paesano's at Ninth and Christian Streets and followed up with more video drama Tuesday at FUEL, the so-called "Real World" house at Third and Arch Streets.

The outcome won't be known till Throwdown is shown in six months or so.

By then, Paesano's will have moved to 1017 S. Ninth St., formerly the site of Bebe's Barbecue. McAndrews plans to convert the Ninth and Christian Paesano's into a Sicilian restaurant with second-generation Sicilian American chef Damien Messina at the stove.