Art of the Unexpected


We must collect our thoughts, for the unexpected is always upon us, in our rooms, in the street, at the door, on a stage. Thank you, Mr. or Ms. [Name of Conductor Here].

We think of the above, from Berio's Sinfonia, as we get wind of a few instances of upcoming Art at Unexpected Moments - art in the street rather than on a stage. It's a little self-defeating, I know, when you tell people to expect unexpected art since, by reading this, it will be expected. But ArtsWatch is going to try to walk a fine line. If you don't even know it's in the offing, after all, you don't have much of a chance at experiencing it.

So you might want to prick up your ears Oct. 30 at noon at Macy's in Center City.

"Unauthorized Art" infiltrates the Philadelphia Museum of Art Nov. 7 at 2 p.m. "Artists (and others) are being invited to meet inside the Art Museum and to bring along art that can be worn on the body. Participants will circulate through the public stair area wearing artworks and freely trading or giving them away. The event has no connection to or official sanction from the administration of the Museum."

And on the first Friday of the next months, look atop the PECO building for something other than the prosaic messages usually found there. "Art in the Air," a digital art and animation project developed through Breadboard and PECO, aims to use the PECO crown lights for art. Anything is possible.