The 'Shut Up' That Speaks Up

The arts sector isn't generally known for great marketing, graphics or advertising, but sometimes a group shows how trenchant messaging can punch through the visual jungle.

Here's a poster that makes you stop and pay attention. It has motion, it bleeds off the page, it looks sophisticated and important. In other words, it somehow has the ability to do its work quickly, so that if you do pass it by you're too curious to keep walking. You have to go back and see what it's all about.


It also is an apt visual translation of the event itself: Shut Up and Dance, the now-venerable (19 years - how can that be?) annual one-night-only dance fund-raiser for MANNA, the charity that delivers meals to patients with AIDS and other severe illnesses.

It's happening May 21. Tickets here.

The poster, by the way, is the work of Modern Good, a local design firm.