Philadelphia Orchestra: the Love and Triumph Tour

In case you're not in the habit of scanning the European press, here are some reviews from the Philadelphia Orchestra's three weeks in Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Scotland, England and France. The music press doesn't agree on much, but there was something of a consensus from this tour, which, if it had a title, would have to be the Love and Triumph Tour.

Musicians return home Sunday. If you happen to run into a member of the ensemble, you might consider extending your hand and hearty congratulations.

Here are some links to English-language reviews:

Sunday and Daily Express: "Honey-sweet strings"

Evening Standard: "a reminder, if any were needed, that its demise would be an irreparable loss"

The Arts Desk: "a cautionary tale and a source of hope"

The Guardian: "wonderfully supple and elegant"

Edinburgh Guide: "century-old orchestra still scales dizzy heights"

Irish Times: "a perfume so heady and so potent it could obliterate any other sensory experience"

Seems everywhere the orchestra went, it impressed with its exquisite quality of sound. In a world where orchestras are increasingly moving toward generic personalities, ours stands out as something unique and worth preserving. But of course, you already knew that.