Pennsylvania Ballet Orchestra to Perform Benefit

The economy has hit the Pennsylvania Ballet, but not as hard as it has some other dance companies.

The ballet will leave a few administrative jobs open. It is investigating more modest options for a new headquarters on N. Broad Street. And it has manipulated its performance schedule to achieve some savings on venue rentals.


Thank goodness it hasn't gone the humuliated route of some troupes: taped music at performances. In fact, the ballet recently negotiated some cost savings with its orchestra of area freelancers, and the ensemble will lift itself out of the orchestra pit to play a rare concert on its own. On Sept. 14, before the full music season really gets rolling, the orchestra will perform in the Perelman under the baton of its leader, Beatrice Jona Affron (pictured). Ne details on the program yet. Tickets are $50-$200, and proceeds will benefit the ballet.

On this night Affron can choose any tempos she wants; the only dancers in sight will be in the audience, too far to exert their gravity on the score.