New York Times Sells WQXR


The long-rumored sale of WQXR is happening, reports the New York Times, owner of the station since 1944.

WQXR will stay classical and become a listener-supported station, but part of the deal is moving the signal to 105.9 on the dial, where it will be harder to find. The station will also broadcast with much weaker transmitting equipment, which likely means you'll lose your Beethoven and Scriabin sooner on the New Jersey Turnpike than New Brunswick, where it now starts to fade.

New York Times critics now heard on the station will not continue their radio spots.

It's terrific that classical will still have a spot on the radio in New York, which, we've heard, has a fairly significant cultural life. It hurts, though, to see culture being sent off into the electronic hinterlands.