Riccardo Muti, Memory and Musical Baggage


Riccardo Muti and the New York Philharmonic swept through the Northeast recently. We heard them at the Kimmel Center Friday night and had a response much like the ones we've had before.

The same program was performed in DC and NY. Anne Midgette writes in the Washington Post that Muti made the ensemble "glow like a teenage girl in love." Anthony Tommasini of the New York Times says "Mr. Muti is a major musician," and had these thoughts.

It would be nice to have Muti guest conducting again with his old orchestra in Philadelphia. Maybe some of the dinner conversation Friday night touched on that; after the concert, friends took Muti to Girasole, his old haunt (albeit in a new location).

The Muti fan club in Philadelphia is alive and well. It was clear the audience would love to have him back. I don't get all gushy on the subject of Muti the way others do, but you can add my vote, too.

Readers? What do you think?