Louis Rosenblatt, 1928-2009


Louis Rosenblatt, the dignified, silver-haired English hornist for the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1959-1995, died Monday afternoon. He was 81.

His obituary will appear in The Inquirer tomorrow, along with - if there is room - a short discography.

The International Double Reed Society has linked from youtube a number of video clips, including this one of Scheherazade, with Ormandy, shot in the Academy of Music.

And here, courtesy the Curtis Institute of Music, is a photograph of Rosenblatt taken in 1948 or 1949 with Marcel Tabuteau and other Tabuteau students. Pictured are, left to right, Rosenblatt, Laurence Thorstenberg (later of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Symphony Orchestra), Laila Storch (author of a Tabuteau biography), John Mack (Cleveland Orchestra), Tabuteau and Walter Bianchi (of Brazil).