Forget Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler - it's all about Mitsuko


While a good percentage of the English-speaking world was getting all hot and bothered by Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler visibly bromancing at Wimbledon recently, the more interesting fact about this photo is the spectacled female figure in front of them. Dame Edna? No, it's pianist Mitsuko Uchida. (She is sitting, we are told by sources who know this sort of thing, next to Edward, Duke of Kent.) Fun to see her pop up at a match. But shouldn't she be practicing Schumann in Marlboro, where she is co-artistic director of Marlboro Music?

Turns out the pianist canceled her participation at Marlboro - and several concerts in the first few months of 2013 - after suffering from vertigo.

"During this winter, I have been obliged to cancel more than 8 weeks of concerts and recordings, due to illness," she wrote in a note to Marlboro colleagues. "Therefore, in addition to the cancellations I have been forced to make, I have decided for the first time in 16 years to give myself a summer break. This means that I shall not be able to come to Marlboro. I shall miss Marlboro badly. I am looking forward to spending seven full weeks in Marlboro next year."