'Eiffel Tower' taken down and scrapped


The one in Paris lives on. But the 81-foot-high structure created in the image of the Eiffel Tower for the inaugural Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts is history.

"We recycled the metal from the Eiffel Tower, and it is not coming back. Sad but true. It had a nice life, as they say," said PIFA executive director J. Edward Cambron. The tower - which sat in the Kimmel Center's plaza - was taken apart and sent back to its New Jersey maker, Proof Productions, to be melted down.

The festival, on the other hand, is coming back. A smaller PIFA is being planned for 2013, with a budget of about $5 million (as opposed to this year's $10 million).

No word yet on the next festival's theme, though based on the fact that PIFA decided to liquidate its Eiffel Tower, we're guessing it won't be French.