Dudamel Acknowledges His Fans

Photo: Susan Tripp Pollard/San Jose Mercury News

Gustavo Dudamel did something Wednesday night I've never seen any other conductor do. At the end of the concert, after having the orchestra stand for applause, he had the entire Los Angeles Philharmonic turn 180 degrees to acknowledge the audience sitting in the conductor's circle. Of course! They're listeners, too. Nice gesture, and one that I hope can become part of the Verizon Hall tradition.

In any case, here's a review of the Philadelphia concert on their current tour.

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In this photo, by the way, Dudamel has his hand on the shoulder of Peter Stumpf, who used to be a cellist in the Philadelphia Orchestra. Listeners might have also spotted Carrie Dennis on stage. She was also once a Philadelphia Orchestra member. After a spell in the Berlin Philharmonic, she's now principal violist with Los Angeles.