Delaware Symphony Orchestra says it will suspend season

The century-old Delaware Symphony Orchestra says it has scratched plans for the 2012-13 season, Delaware Online reports. The orchestra is in contract negotiations with its musicians. Along with finding new sources of funding, orchestra leaders are sounding the usual warnings about the need for a new business plan.

“The time has come to change the model," said orchestra funder Tatiana Copeland. "The model is no longer economically sustainable.”

“It’s not just about getting the money,” executive director Lee Williamson told Delaware Online. “It’s about being able to get the money and use it in the most fiscally responsible manner. We’re doing our best to put together a plan so we can move forward.”

A statement on the orchestra's website suggests that a 2012-13 season will be performed, but not the one previously planned.

"DSO must raise funds to support the assessment effort, the results of which will be used to help the team, board and staff, pursue the development of a financially viable operational model. The next step will be to test the model through a newly created 2012-13 performance season," the statement says.

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