A Thousand Nights With Schubert, Beethoven & Other Close Friends


Miles Cohen, the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society's All-Around-Do-Anything-That-Needs-Doing-Guy, has determined that tonight's Jonathan Biss recital will be PCMS's 1,000th concert.

That's a heavy dose of strings quartets, pianists, vocal recitals and other small-scale instrumental collaborations that the city would have otherwise missed during the past 25 years. We've sung the praises of this smart, efficient and artistically vital organization before, but it's never redundant to highlight great things happening in the city.

If you've got a ticket to the Biss concert, take a moment to congratulate PCMS founder Tony Checchia (pictured) and his band of merry colleagues who make the music happen. If you don't have a ticket, you'll have to wait - for reasons that further point to PCMS's success. Tonight's concert is sold out.