August 22: Ryan Howard could learn from Mo'ne Davis

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People were hard on Ryan Howard before he started to decline. The second he started to possibly be not worth the amount of money for which he was signed, he was attacked regularly, for every poor swing, hesitant throw, or diving miss. This season, he's playing after recovering from a debilitating injury and will never, ever be the same again. The first rumors of his release or trade surfaced, and it seems unlikely that he's been able to enjoy himself much this season.

Mo'ne Davis just came off a Little League World Series run in which she was spectated and scrutinized on national television more than any teenager should have to be. 

So, which is more pressure? Living up to a $125 million extension, or being 13 years old? A lot of us will only experience one of those in our lives, and it has likely passed. Mo'ne was more composed than most adults on TV, and Howard even stopped by to visit her and her teammates, on his day off, with a smile on his face. 

Taney may be eliminated from the Little League World Series, and the Phillies may be eliminated from the next three or four years. But at least these are good people we're watching. For anyone overcome with rabid competitiveness, and more than willing to express it from the comfort of their couch, desk chair, or bus seat, that will mean nothing. And the truth is, it won't bring a trophy to Philadelphia. But these are the way things are now, so just grasp at this straw with me. Thanks.

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