July 23: The Fartin Phils

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Obviously, one of the big names being discussed prior to the trade deadline is Phillies starter Cliff Lee.  

Unfortunately, Lee’s first start in more than two months didn’t go quite as planned. The ace allowed six runs and a career-high 12 hits in a loss to the San Francisco Giants, and capped off his performance with an emphatic fart during a post-game interview.  

Lee’s flatulence seems to epitomize the season for the Phillies, a squad of underachievers lead by a  robotic, by-the-numbers manager who seems unable to get the most out of players he has.  

Not that Sandberg was given much to work with, thanks to comically inept talents of Ruben Amaro. But hey, Amaro isn’t going anywhere, despite the fact that Ben Revere is still starting every night and the Phillies minor league system seems more empty than the stands at Citizens Bank Park.  

So get used to the smell, fans. At least farts are entertaining.