July 21: Everybody hates Ruben Amaro

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This is the easiest time of year write something. A team sent a scout to a game? STORY. A team has rumored interest in a player? POST. A GM said "none of our players are untouchable?" Put your socks back on and WRITE THAT UP. "Honey, we have dinner at my parents tonight, remember?" I don't know, do you remember that trade talks between the Phillies and some other team are "very preliminary?" THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW.

Following this trade deadline, and then the second deadline in August, we will no longer have the luxury of producing thought-provoking content inspired by an insider's tweet or a manager's mutterings. But what we will have are the old favorites to fall back on, like criticizing Ruben Amaro. He will have to work so, so hard to do something not everybody hates. And he will fail. Because he can't not fail everyone at this point, even if he succeeds.

Lastly, does Ruben Amaro have his last name engraved on his laptop? And so, we make assumptions about the world as we see it. Thus, the artist's work is complete.

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