July 13: At World Cup, it's LeBron, LeBron, LeBron!

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Guess who's in Brazil, ready to watch the World Cup final between Argentina and Germany?

That's right, his royal highness, the Prince of Ohio himself, LeBron James has decided to trek down to the land of jogo bonito to watch today's match.

Speaking to reporters, James admitted that the World Cup trumps the NBA Finals because "it's the world." Also because the World Cup's estimated 1 billion viewers dwarf the 15.5 million or so who watched LeBron and the Heat get crushed by the Spurs.

Because he's such an expert, reporters also wanted LeBron's gameday prediction.

"I'm not sure," LeBron told dumbfound reporters, who assume LeBron was all-knowing. "I think Germany is the better overall team, but Argentina has one of the best players in the world — maybe the best, (Lionel) Messi. So that's why we play the game and we'll see what happens. I hope it's a great one."

No word on LeBron's favorite jersey, what he thinks of ESPN's coverage and what city in the world most reminds him of Akron.

Sadly, I imagine more people in the United States would tune in to a TV show where LeBron watches the World Cup (LeBron's Couch?) than the World Cup itself. That's why the world hates us. That and Kimye.