Roger Goodell

2017 NFL Draft: Roger Goodell was booed relentlessly in Philly, and everyone loved it

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Rightly or wrongly, Philadelphia has a reputation for having the rowdiest, most outspoken fans of any major city in the country. So when NFL... Read more

Phillies Opening Day couldn't come soon enough

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It's only April, and it's already been a rough year for Philadephia sports. The Flyers fizzled. The Sixers ended up hobbled by injuries. Villanova... Read more

Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo channels his inner George Costanza

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"I like sports. I could do something in sports." "Uh-huh. Uh-huh. In what capacity?" "You know, like the general manager of a team or something... Read more

Don't let President Trump ruin the Super Bowl

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More than half the country hates the Patriots, and not because they’re cheaters. President Donald Trump’s public love affair with... Read more

ESPN's numbers seem off when it comes to comparing Wentz to Prescott

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The other day, I was scrolling through some ESPN stories and came across a head-scratcher - according to ESPN's stats division, Cowboys rookie... Read more

Experts don't think Eagles fans can be patient for Wentz. They're wrong.

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I know it's fun to bash Eagles fans, but I don't think the experts "worried" that Philly might be too impatient a place to start a rookie quarterback... Read more

The popular Joe Paterno cartoon I regret drawing

This is an updated version of an essay I wrote in 2012. Cartoonists have a love/hate relationship with obituary cartoons – the cartoons... Read more

Cartoon: Tornoe pays tribute to Muhammad Ali

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Rob Tornoe is the sports cartoonist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philly.com. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Philly.com... Read more

Everyone in Philly is overlooking the Union, including me

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What if I told you there’s a surprising team in town that has overcome an inability to score to find themselves in the unlikely position... Read more

Can't we just enjoy the Phillies and forget about Sam Bradford?

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We’re a quarter of the way through the season, and as unbelievable as it might sound, the Phillies are in a virtual tie for first place... Read more