Lost and found: A 3-carat engagement ring on the subway

Imagine this: You receive a 3-carat diamond engagement ring, a symbol of promise, a hefty piece of jewelry that your fiance is still paying off, and you lose it.

This unfortunate scenario actually happened in New York City to Hagar Elysayed, a teaching assistant who realized her ring was missing as she was riding the N-train one day. Elysayed quickly rushed home to look for the item only to discover that her ring was nowhere to be found.

Naturally, her fiance, who worked many hours of overtime to afford the piece of jewelry, was not very happy once he discovered her loss. “I guessed that since I lost a few pounds, it slipped off,” Elysayed told the New York Post.

But a story like this wouldn't be worth mentioning unless a gem of a person came to the rescue - In this case, the arbiter of happiness was an elderly woman who spoke no English. The mystery figure found the ring and turned it over to a station agent, who Elysayed fortuitously encountered at a Brooklyn station two months after the incident.

See? Good people exist in society. For photos of the ring and the couple, click here.