Zara pulls shirt resembling Holocaust-era prison uniform

Zara, a retail chain, has pulled this toddler shirt after social media users said the design resembled that of a Nazi-era prison uniform.

Spanish clothier Zara is in hot water after selling online, and subsequently pulling, a toddler’s shirt that resembles Holocaust prison uniforms, the BBC reports.

The blue-and-white striped shirt was supposed to be a sheriff’s outfit and features a gold, six-point “badge” with matching, barely noticeable gold letters spelling “sheriff.”

Social media users addressed the design, saying that combined with the shirt's dark-blue stripes, the Holocaust link was evident.

Zara responded and pulled the shirt from the online catalog saying, “The garment was inspired by the classic Western films, but we now recognize that the design could be seen as insensitive and apologise (sic) sincerely for any offense caused to our customers.”

This is not Zara’s first run-in with Holocaust insensitivity. In 2007, the chain had to pull a handbag with an embroidered swastika.

According to "The Jewish Press," Zara operates 17 stores in Israel.