Weed-based skincare products filter into beauty industry

"Going green" gets a new meaning in the beauty industry.

A Denver-based skincare company named Apothecanna has joined the pot product craze with its line of "naturally prescribed" lotions that contain cannabis. Say what?

It's a completely legal practice for the Colorado headquartered company, which which crafts its lotions in Denver. On its website, Apothecanna says its mission is to "spread the wisdom of traditional plant medicine."

Hemp-based products aren't new to the beauty industry, but cannabis-based products are gaining steam, specifically among weed-smokers. According to SheFinds, cannabis is believed to be "the beauty industry's next 'big' ingredient." The Cannabis Seed, which is known for its natural "healing" properties like fighting inflammations, delivering anti-oxidants and balancing pH levels, is supposed to do wonders for the skin.

Apothecanna's offerings range in price from $10 to $32, and includes "Calming" and "Stimulating" creams. Intrigued beauty buffs can view and/or order the products online, as its entirely legal for Apothecanna to deliver these products across the country.

So lather up, why don't you?

Esther Lee is the style editor of Philly.com. Qualms, quips, questions? Email her, here.