Vote for your favorite Cliff Huxtable sweater

In round 1 of the tournament: This colorful sweater comprised of various shades of green.

It was never Bill Cosby's goal to be a '90s sweater icon. But Cosby Show fans will forever associate Cliff Huxtable with his memorable, geometric, patterned sweaters.

That's why the comedian launched a March Madness-style "Cosby Sweater Tournament" on his website. The competition starts with 32 sweaters, all worn by his character on the series that ran from 1984-92. Participants will be entered to win an autographed copy of Cosby's books.

And if you're anything like us and wistfully longing for fall sweater weather, check out the comprehensive Cosby Sweater Project for a detailed look at Cliff's colorful sweaters and more.