Video: Alexander Wang free-for-all turns terrifying

"And by the way, everything is free. Take as much as you physically can because there are no shopping bags, no shopping carts. I don't care how you take it. It's all up to you," said Alexander Wang before a crowd of unassuming, fashion-crazed New Yorkers.

So this shopping excursion of sorts turned real ugly, real fast.

A new video artistically captures the T by Alexander Wang free-for-all event that one firsthand witness recalled last month as the "Fashion Hunger Games."

"I watched in horror as a nice law student I had spoken with earlier violently punched a box as if it had just insulted his mother," the contributor wrote. "He tore a t-shirt from inside it and hurled the packaging across the showroom."

The video, directed by Darren Stein who's also the mastermind behind cult hit Jawbreaker, captures the brutal reality of what happens when you present piles of free designer clothing to eager fashionistas in a New York showroom. Punches are thrown, slaps resound, people dive, injuries abound, and the whole entire thing is pretty much terrifying.

Call it a social experiment. Watch below.