'What Ali Wore' is the cutest blog you will come across all weekend

Meet Ali: An 83-year-old Turkish tailor who lives in Berlin. He's also the star and inspiration behind a popular fashion blog called "What Ali Wore."

The tumblr, founded and managed by Austrailian photographer Zoe Spawton since October, traces Ali's sartorial style selections. "His outfits were so put together and he obviously took great pride in his appearance," 29-year-old Spawton shared with CNN Thursday. What Ali Wore rapidly spread across the Internet this week after German street style blog Spiegel featured a Q&A with Spawton. What makes this fashion blog so interesting is the story behind the well-dressed gentleman in the photos, and his daily interactions with the photographer.

Five minutes past nine o' clock every morning, the subject saunters past Spawton's cafe with his signature mustache in tow. He's impeccably dressed in pinstripe trousers, herringbone blazers, skull caps, and other pieces - some handmade by Ali himself. "Once we went together on a trip to pick apples, which was very nice," Spawton tells Spiegel. She also shares that Ali (whose last name was not disclosed to media outlets) is a retired doctor with 18 children. The burgeoning friendship between 83-year-old Ali and 29-year-old Zoe is bridged by a common interest in style - and that seems to be among the attractive factors of the blog to visitors: A stylish probe into the rich, long life of an old man, documented on the Internet by a millennial.

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