Stylist Jacqui Stafford shares her secret to chic

“I want women to accept their bodies, not to look a certain size,” says Jacqui Stafford to me over the phone earlier this month. “I want them to embrace everything they have right now, today.”

The stylist, author and editor, who admits her current job is a “strange hybrid" of sorts, feels passionately about helping women look and feel their best. “And if you’re dressed and you feel good, then the confidence of looking and feeling good comes with that,” she rationalizes.

On Thursday, Stafford will host a special cocktail reception at the Center City outpost of Swarovski (1421 Walnut St.), where she will share her fall fashion and beauty advice with local women.

“Maybe it’s a color, a cut, or a hem or jacket that makes women feel amazing,” she says. “Everything has to have a ‘real woman’ aspect to it.”

The style expert has a very personal connection to this city, since the on-air personality spends a good amount of time touting products for West Chester-based QVC.

"Whenever I have time to spare, I like to wander around the historical area of the city," she shares. "[Philly] is a very pretty city," says the Manhattan resident who currently calls Upper East Side home.

Stafford, who will be spending her holiday season in Philly with visiting family from London, has pointers to help shoppers maintain their level of chic during the colder winter months. “I’m loving rich, deep colors,” she says. “A crimson, or a wine shade, along with blues.” The stylist tells savvy shoppers that if they want to get a jump on spring, go blue.

As for jewelry, Stafford says this is where women should go dark. “It’s really all about going gothic, with an edgy feel to it,” she says. “Black jewelry is good.”

Why the focus on accessories?

Stafford emphasizes relatively simple dressing. Fabrication and cuts are essentials on standard pieces, but she encourages women to “sprinkle” their wardrobes with trendy items. “Accessories make the biggest difference with the least amount of work,” she shares. “You can accessorize a white tee and pair of jeans, and make an outfit look incredibly stylish. “

The stylist, who spends a good chunk of her time in Paris and London with private clients, asks, “What makes French women look so effortlessly chic?” The secret, she shares, is much simpler than innate, good taste. “It’s actually a scarf,” says Stafford. “It’s always a scarf.”

“I have a passion for helping women look their best no matter what size or budget,” says Stafford, who will take her skills to aid Philly women with their style.

“I’m a big believer you need to figure out what works for you.”

Event details: Get Caught with Jacqui Stafford, Swarovski, 1421 Walnut St., Oct. 10, 6-8 p.m.