Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue gives women beach beauty tips

This image provided by Sports Illustrated shows the cover of the magazine's 2013 Swimsuit Edition featuring Kate Upton, which will launch across multiple platforms on Monday, Feb. 11, 2013.

Aw, how thoughtful!

Now you, too, can resemble Kate Upton, or at least Sports Illustrated wants you to pick up a copy of its 2013 swimsuit issue and attempt to do so.

This year's much-anticipated edition, which hit stands Tuesday, includes a six-page "style guide" targeted to help "everyday beautiful women" look like the insanely fit and impossibly gorgeous supermodels who fill the glossy. The supplement, which features makeup tips and interviews, is targeted to SI's reported 18 million female readers - a statistic cited by in-house research. A quote from swimsuit editor M.J. Day is splashed across the front of the mini-zine which reads, "Beauty is within all of our reach. It begins with confidence."

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"It's all things that every day beautiful women can do at home," Day shares with the NY Times. Pointers include ways to achieve "alluringly accessible" beauty with tousled locks, smoldering eyes and supremely kissable lips, with the use of "very light makeup" she says.

And if there's any question as to why the "style guide" is even an issue, take this cue from Slate's Amanda Hess: "It's strange to see the beauty and body tips lifted out of the context of the 'empowering' lady mag (Glamour’s '500 Ways to Just Be Yourself!') and transplanted into the unabashedly objectifying world of the lads (Sports Illustrated’s 'Kate Upton Goes Polar Bare … and Then Sizzles In Body Paint!').

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